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Detoxification in Akron

Get Healthy from the Inside Out

At Natural Health Center of Akron, our wellness team understands the importance of cleansing the body from the inside out. Our Akron detoxification services help remove built-up toxins and other impurities from within the body, giving you a fresh, clean start at a healthy life. There are many different detox programs in Akron that are currently available and it may be difficult to determine which program is right for your wellness needs. With our Akron detoxification services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that this detox cleanse is not only safe and effective, but also administered under the guidance of our Akron chiropractor.

Reset Your Metabolism with Detox Cleansing

If you are new to detoxification services, it is natural to wonder whether a detox is right for your wellness needs. If you are feeling tired, sluggish, or constantly fatigued, then there is a good chance that you have excess toxins in your system. Toxins affect our organs’ ability to function in harmony with one another. Toxins make our bodies work harder than they should, causing exhaustion and poor health. Detoxifying the body is essential to relieving stress on the organs and optimizing wellness.

Our daily environments are filled with toxins. From the preservatives and pesticides that contaminate our foods to the impurities in the air we breathe and water we drink, our bodies are constantly under assault. Normally, the liver and kidneys work together to filter toxins from the bloodstream and safely remove them from our bodies. Over time, however, our bodies become overloaded with toxins and our organs cannot keep up. Toxins begin to build up in our bloodstream and get stored away without bodies, increasing the risk for chronic health problems, including cancer.

Toxin build up not only affects adults, but can also harm children’s natural development. Research suggests that the increase in childhood health problems, including ADD and ADHD, may be linked to increased toxins in our air, water and food. As a family wellness practice, our Akron chiropractor helps patients of all ages get healthy and live an active life. Our detoxification services are safe and effective for all individuals.

Our Akron chiropractor’s detoxification program is a natural complement to our nutritional counseling services. Many of our patients understand the basics of healthy eating, but are struggling to apply these principles to their daily lives. Following a detox cleanse, our chiropractor will help you integrate new, healthy habits into your life. For example, we help patients eliminate processed foods from their diets while adding nutritionally dense, whole foods. Dietary changes can help treat inflammatory and autoimmune conditions while reducing the risk for chronic health problems. Our nutritional counseling services will give you the tools you need to make smart food choices that support long-term weight loss in Akron and whole body health.

Detoxification services, together with nutritional counseling, chiropractic care and other holistic treatments, help our patients kick-start their journey back to wellness. To learn more about detox cleansing in Akron, contact our Akron chiropractor!


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  • "As a new patient, I am beyond impressed. I call this afternoon, not expecting to have an appointment for days or even weeks, only to be surprised and told to come in right now. The staff and Dr. Dunn are kind, informative and the results speak for themselves. I walked in the office with a limited range of motion in my head and neck and walked out with the ability to turn my head left and right. I'm excited for my appointment tomorrow. It can only go up from here! Thank you."
    Dena O.
  • "Wonderful staff and care! Customized treatment plans that work wonders. All the staff members are so nice and caring. Massage therapists are amazing. Dr. Dunn is a miracle worker! Thank you guys!!"
    Ally N.
  • "Bridgette has magic hands! That was the best 1 hour massage I have EVER recieved!"
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