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Acupuncture Treatment From Akron Chiropractor Provides Natural Pain Relief


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing discipline with several millennia and modern scientific research to stand behind its success. Our Akron chiropractor, Dr. Dunn, became certified in acupuncture in 2002, and received his direct clinical training from Dr. Richard Yennie, one of the most highly-regarded acupuncturists and teachers in the world. Dr. Dunn traveled to China with Dr. Yennie in May of 2012 to study Acupuncture, QiQong and to attend the International symposium of Integrative Medicine in Bejing. Dr. Dunn has helped many patients find lasting pain relief from a long list of ailments through this holistic treatment: neck, knee and back pain, carpal tunnel, infertility, overcoming addictions, weight loss, stress, depression, and more. It is a comfortable and effective treatment (along with spinal adjustments and massage) used to help people enjoy pain relief as they go through sports injury and auto accident injury rehabilitation.

Acupuncture and Massage Used for Sports Injury and Auto Accident Injury Recovery

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), of which acupuncture is an integral part, explains that pain comes when the body's life force, or "Qi", is out of balance. Western medical studies have linked Qi to the central nervous system, which controls the body's every function. The Qi travels along meridians, or energy channels throughout the body. A Qi imbalance can result from injury, stress, poor diet, insufficient sleep, etc. Our Akron Chiropractor licensed in Acupuncture seeks to rebalance the Qi through this and other holistic treatments like massage, thereby stimulating the body to begin healing itself. Chronic back painheadaches and many other conditions respond very well to this treatment.

Many people interested in acupuncture, but worried about needles, are relieved to find out that needles are not the only tools of the trade. In fact, we often apply electric stimulation to the precise pressure points in order to stimulate the meridians. Dr. Dunn can also use the actual needles, which are extremely fine and sterile (four of them fit into the shaft of a hypodermic needle). In either case, most patients report that the treatment is painless and energizing, and that it does help relieve pain, particularly when going through physiotherapy for a sports injury or auto accident injury.

Dr. Dunn examines and interviews each patient thoroughly before treatment to determine the exact location of the Qi imbalances. We also use an Acugraph computer, which takes a precise energy reading of the body's meridians. On average, depending on the condition, we work with the patient through a series of eight to sixteen sessions, at intervals of two to four times a week. Treatment is tailored entirely to the needs of each patient, however. The patient may require increased sessions, and may also benefit from our other complementary treatments such as massage.

As with most holistic treatments, this is not a "quick fix", although many patients report fast back pain relief afterward. It is a treatment designed to stimulate internal, long-term healing. Dr. Dunn is a highly-skilled and trained in acupuncture who loves to help people enjoy the benefits that this natural, holistic treatment has to offer. Call today for your appointment!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "As a new patient, I am beyond impressed. I call this afternoon, not expecting to have an appointment for days or even weeks, only to be surprised and told to come in right now. The staff and Dr. Dunn are kind, informative and the results speak for themselves. I walked in the office with a limited range of motion in my head and neck and walked out with the ability to turn my head left and right. I'm excited for my appointment tomorrow. It can only go up from here! Thank you."
    Dena O.
  • "Wonderful staff and care! Customized treatment plans that work wonders. All the staff members are so nice and caring. Massage therapists are amazing. Dr. Dunn is a miracle worker! Thank you guys!!"
    Ally N.
  • "Bridgette has magic hands! That was the best 1 hour massage I have EVER recieved!"
    April P.